Central Asia consists of the seven countries, all of which are landlocked. Five are Soviet Union republics: 

  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan

Of these Uzbekistan should be highest on your to do list. It has impressive sights in Bukhara and Samarkand. Kyrgyzstan is great for trekking.

North-East Asia is many different and contrasting things. The region is dominated by two giants: The economic superpower Japan and the more and more influential world power of China.

Japan has kept an interesting mix between old traditions and new customs. Some people avoid Japan, assuming it is not interesting enough. The only reason we can imagine for not going there, is the high cost of living (and travel). But if your budget permits you should not give this extraordinary place a miss. Most people enter Japan by taking a plane to Tokyo or Osaka.

asiaRather inexpensive is a visit to China. You’ve got to see what this country has to offer. Among the long list of highlights are, for example, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the stone warriors of Xian, the mountains of Guilin and the interesting ethnic mix of Yunnan Province. Something completely different is the commercial centre of China, Shanghai. It is hardly necessary to mention that Tibet is a great place to visit, too (especially in March). Visitors should be aware of the difficult political situation there.

Being now part of mainland China Hong Kong and Macau are still great places to visit. Hong Kong is still an economic power centre in North-East Asia. Just an hour away by jetfoil is Macau, the oldest former European settlement in the East and a relaxing contrast to busy Hong Kong

Taiwan is situated about 160 kilometers off the southeastern coast of the Chinese mainland. Taiwan’s relationship with mainland China has been complicated for many decades. The same is true for he economic strong South Korea and the rather isolated North Korea. There are hardly any accurate information on travelling available in North Korea. In recent months the ice between the hostile brothers is melting slowly.

Last but not least the exotic homeland of Jingis Khan, Mongolia, should not be forgotten.

South-East Asia offers some of the most rewarding travel destinations in the world Vietnam, Indonesia are great places to spend your holiday.

South Asia is one of the most richly rewarding regions of the world to visit. South Asia consists of four or five countries, depending on the perspective of the reader: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and last but not least Bhutan. Its scenery is amongst the most varied and exciting anywhere, its history and culture are just not packacked and brought out on show for the tourist, but lived. Allow a lot of time if you are planning to travel the region.