chinaChina is incredible in many ways. The list of sights and things to do here is endless, not to mention the thick culture and wonders of this country. A few notable must-sees include the barren highlands of Tibet via the Silk Road to the bewildering Forbidden City at Bejing, the magnificent Great Wall of China. There are also the amazing thousands of Terracotta Warriors and Horses at the tomb of Qin Shi’huang in Xi’an, the intriguing citylife of (Shanghai), the breath-taking scenic beauty of Yunnan Province and the original Asia’s world city – Hong Kong. China is up and rising in recent years – watch for this truly spectacular place! Traveller’s suggestion: In most hostels/hotels in China, you can get a hotel business card at the front desk which includes their contact information, address, and map to it. This is very useful to give to a taxi driver when you want to return after your sightseeing.

Beijing means ‘Northern Capital’ and in many ways the name speaks for itself. It is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and the capital of bureaucrats. The whole country supposedly runs on Beijing time and is supposed to speak the Beijing dialect. From here the Chinese Communist Party rules over its enormous empire while further to the south, you will find more and more free trading with new capitalists, having contributed to form the new face of China over the last decades.

Beijing has come a long way from the dusty communist capital of the seventies and eighties to a modern city with the usual high rising buildings and shopping malls. At the same time, hotel and restaurant standards have improved enormously. It may not yet be able to compete with Hong Kong or Shanghai, but in its runup to the 2008 Olympics, it is trying real hard.

Naturally, Beijing has some of the most superb examples of Chinese architecture. No other place in China offers such a large number of old buildings as Bejing. On top of that, Beijing is one of the more convenient starting points for visiting The Great Wall.


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