Piazza Bra

Piazza Bra’ : the symbol of Verona : the world’s famous Arena

the Opera

unfortunately it’s now horribly covered by panels and lights used during the Opera

the Arena

the only remain of the outer 3rd ring of the Arena

the Arena2

the Arena dates back 1th century AD.
several heartquakes demolished the outer rings during middleage,
the rocks have been used to built other houses in the center.


trivia : inside these arches during middleages were used as a site for
prostitution, the site was called Lupanari

the Arena of Verona

unlike Rome’s Colosseum, the Arena of Verona is still intact
inside and is widely used for Opera and Musical concerts
during spring and summer.

the Opera's Gate

entrance of the Opera’s Gate


tickets can be bought online too

outside view

outside view of gates and ticket office

Piazza Bra' : the Liston

Piazza Bra’ : the Liston

 the Liston

all the major and most expensive restaurants of Verona can be found here in the Liston


world famous for its wines, tortellini, and traditional food from Veneto

Piazza Bra'

Piazza Bra’ : the giardini and the ugly equestrian statue of king vittorio emanuele.

entrance of Piazza Bra'

entrance of Piazza Bra’ : Portoni della Bra’, also known as Torre dell’Orologio

 the Museo Maffeiano

Piazza Bra’ : the Museo Maffeiano, hosting venetic, etruscan, greek, and roman
inscriptions, sculptures, and manufacts

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